Family is important:


You can curse a man, but if you curse his sister, mother, or any female in the family, they will kill you.


When you marry to a guy, you are actually marrying to his entire family.


You can embarrass yourself, but you can’t embarrass your family.


Parents spoil their children.


Children live with their parents until they get married.


Special mom and son relationship.


People are in a “community” relationship.


Moms are also close to their children’s friends.


Parents beat the children when they do bad. (And amazingly the ways of punishment are very similar.)


Guys spoil girls. But they run away if there's trouble.


Eat a lot of rice and noodles.


Cook with lots garlic and basil.


People are cold and serious in the north and passionate and fun in the south.


Food are salty in the south. Beaches are better in the south.


A dish can have different recipes in each family. The best cooking is mom’s cooking.


A few ingredients can make 100 different drinks. Those can easily be found on street corners. (Italians to coffee as Taiwanese to tea.)


Restaurants are always noisy. You see raw fish outside of the seafood restaurant.


Enjoy having dinner by a big group and several conversations can go at once but no one would feel disturb. (In other countries, it’s usually 4pax for a table and 1 person talk at one time. But it can go up to 10 in Taiwan or Italy. 10 people also means 3-5 conversations at once.)


You see big group of people talk loud on the street constantly.


Children go to mom for small matters. (Such as what to wear for a family party.) They go to dad for big matters. (Such as to study law or business.)


Enjoy opera. (Opera and Chinese opera)


Terrible politicians.


People pay a lot for their look and clothes, because others judge you by how you look.


Girls are always late!


Girls are called as bella or 美女 more then they are called as sinora or 小姐.


People are very friendly when first meet. But then they hold back until they feel they can trust you. If you are a friend of a good friend, it’s a different scenario.


You need to talk a lot about unrelated this and that before hitting to the topic.


Lots scooters and awful traffic.


we eat tripes and tongues and think those are delicious!


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