once upon a time, a girl was in a restaurant with a group of friends. she walked down the stairs from the washroom and looked back. there was a man standing there looking at her. she smiled to him with a glance and walked to her table.

he came after her ask for her number. he called the next day. it was a great date with lots laughters and he called the next day and each every day. he was so crazy about her for the reason she could not understand.

on the dates, she found he was just not attractive from outside but also had so much inside him!! his mind and his soul were so rich like treasure that would never drained. the more she got to know about him, she fell for him for more.

the love was so strong. the love made her feel small. she had been in a few relationships before. not until the time she met him, she realized she had never really been in love before. love came as tsunami that she felt her feeling towards him was going to swallow her mind alive! she was scared.

she was also scared by her insecurity. an ordinary girl like her didn't deserve such a great person like him. he had everything. he had the talent, the look, and the kind of life and social circle everyone wanted to be in. everything he wanted to do, he could be the top of it. he had the whole world. and she was just an ordinary girl. she couldn't understand why he was surrounded by so many beautiful women but he chose her.

he told her he was attracted to her uniquness, her mind, her thoughts, and her pure soul.

fate put them apart. she had to move away. the insecurity was driving her crazy. she imagined him with other women or just simply had other things occupying his life that he'd forget about her. she had to keep testing him to ensure his love to her.

one saturday morning, it was snowing outside. she got a call from him. he told her he was tired, and he could not do it anymore.

she walked into the snow only with her t-shirt on. she sat in the snow, crying. her heart was dying.

it took her a few months to recover. day after day, she tried to forget. she locked the memories with him in the storage of her heart.

she had her life back filled with sunshine again.

she has never talked to him since the call. she still missed him when she was alone. somehow his face became blurry and she would care less.

3 years after in one steamy summer day, she got an email from a stranger. stranger searched her for a while before he found her. he told her one tragedy hit the guy who taught her about love. he had his words in a note for her.

a week later, she received a letter. the letter was in his hand-writing.

he told her the glance the smile she gave him the first time they met were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. he was in love almost the same time she smiled at him. and the love has never changed.

she cried like a baby. she wished her prayers could turn back time. she could do better, she believed. she just wished god could give him back to her.

so he proved his love to her after so many years in a way she couldn't refuse to believe.

it just didn't matter anymore. it just didn't...


we all make mistakes. we all live once. some mistakes could find corrections; some would only leave lives with endless sorrow.

we spent a moment to fall in love but spend a life time to forget.

some memories could just be too painful like god intended to carve our faults on our heart to remind us not to do it again.

the door to our heart was closed to heal the wound. it might then be opened again, and maybe just be opened for that once.. an invader took the chance, looking around out of curiousity.

invader destroys. the heart lose its capability of giving and sharing. it will then be closed for enternity.

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